Learning More about the Gibson Super 400 & ES-355

Do you own or are you interested in owning a Gibson Super 400 or ES-355? Here at Van Hoose Vintage, we currently have a few in our inventory and would love to tell you a bit more about them. In fact, we specialize in vintage electric guitars here in Texas so when you’re ready to find the right vintage electric guitar to add to your collection, please take a look at our inventory and give us a call. We look forward to helping you find the vintage electric guitars you’ve been searching for!vintage electric guitars

First of all, the Super 400 is perhaps the finest Gibson ever produced. It was also the largest guitar that the Gibson Guitar Corporation had ever produced. The original models came with a hand-engraved tailpiece and finger rest support.

In 1939 the model Super 400 was official but it wasn’t until the 1950’s that Gibson electrified it and designated it the Super 400 CES for ‘Cutaway Electric Spanish.’ This is a truly magnificent instrument favorited by many musicians over the years. Did you know that Merle Travis loved his Gibson Super 400? So did Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley’s original lead guitarist.

Looking to own a Gibson Super 400 of your own? Take a look at our 1956 Gibson Super 400CESN we currently have in our inventory. It is a superb blonde Gibson Super 400CESN with alnico pickups in excellent and original condition. Exceptional sound and playability, with very early non-wire ABR-1 bridge with tags and case candy, original Lifton brown hard case, beautiful woods and so much more. Great vibe, and rare – one of 19 made in 1956! And, it is one of only 53 blonde alnico electric Super 400s! It is truly a fine instrument.

We also have other incredible Gibson vintage electric guitars including the ES-355. The ES-355 stands as one of Gibson’s all-time most iconic models. Our 1960 Gibson ES-355-T is a very special guitar. It is an original ES-355 with factory stop tailpiece and PAFs, with the Varitone removed and converted to mono electronics. It has been re-fretted, and inlaid at the 20th fret are the initials “CW,” of its previous owner; the late Charley Wirz. Charley was the original owner of Charley’s Guitar Shop in Dallas and one of the founders of the Dallas Guitar Show in 1978. This was his favorite guitar. And, it is one of only 20 ES-355s with factory stop tailpiece made between 1958-1963.

When it comes to a vintage Gibson guitar, you are not only getting a rich sound but a rich history as well. So, allow the professionals at Van Hoose Vintage to tell you more about them and help you find the right one for your unique collection. To learn more about vintage electric guitars in Texas please give us a call at 972-998-8176 or Contact Us online today!