[1993] 1001 Banjos by Akira Tsumura

  • Price $1,500.00
  • Specifications:

    • Condition: Mint
    • Year: 1993
    • Make: 1001 Banjos
    • Model: Akira Tsumura
    • Case: Original Box
  • Here is the ultimate book on the banjo – Akira Tsumura’s landmark work on his banjo collection in hard cover with its original beautiful box, all in mint condition. Covers the evolution of the banjo and focuses on the evolution of folk banjos and the tenor and plectrum banjos of the early 20th century. Unbelievable color illustrations throughout, very detailed narrative on each maker and model, no expense spared, very limited (1001 copies) and simply the finest book of its type in the world.