~1965 Harptone Acoustic guitar pickup black

Nice vintage Harptone acoustic guitar pickup with wiring, volume pot, no knob; reads 2.09 ohms.

1990 Lawrence A-400 acoustic pickup black

Nice Bill Lawrence acoustic archtop humbucking pickup with wiring, mounting bracket, and box with mounting instructions inside; reads 2.30 ohms.

1969 Dearmond Model 40 acoustic pickup nickle

Near-mint Dearmond model 40 acoustic guitar pickup with volume and tone control pod, knobs, original cable, mounting screws, and original box; reads 7.51… Read more

~1960 Dearmond Rhythm Chief archtop pickup nickle

Excellent Dearmond Rhythm Chief pickup with volume and tone control pod, no knobs; uses screw-on cable; reads 7.98 ohms.

~1959 Dearmond Mandolin pickup nickle

Very nice Dearmond mandolin pickup from 1959+ with original neck rod, volume pod , knob, and cable; reads 7.94 ohms.

~1985 Grover Imperial tuners chrome

Here is a very nice, ANIB set of Grover Imperial chrome tuners complete with bushings and screws and box. Tight, easy to install!