~2000 Gibson 16″ thinline hard case black

This is a very nice Gibson hard case for 16″ thinline electrics including the ES-330, 335, 345, and 355 guitars. All original and… Read more

~1975 Grover Imperial tuners chrome

Here are 5 Grover chrome Imperial tuners, two left and 3 right, in excellent original condition with no issues. No bushings included, but… Read more

~1965 Archtop trapeze tailpiece Nickle

This is a mid-60s archtop trapeze tailpiece that is nickel-plated and is suitable for a variety of archtops, both domestic and international. High… Read more

~1948 Vintage 3-on-a-plate tuners nickle

This is a matched set of left and right 3-on-a-plate tuners with original buttons and gears that work very well. No issues, will… Read more

~1959 Gibson ES-175 tailpiece nickle

This is an original late 50s Gibson ES-175 tailpiece in very good/excellent – condition. The body bracket has two extra holes at the… Read more

~1960 Epiphone Frequensator tailpiece gold/nickle

This is an original Epiphone Frequensator tailpiece for an Epiphone archtop such as a Deluxe or Emperor with a gold-plated end bracket and… Read more