~2020 Gibson replica Johnny Smith gold

Here is a recent replica Gibson Johnny Smith pickup that mounts to the pickguard instead of at the fretboard’s end. Measured output is… Read more

~1960 Dearmond FHC nickle

Here is an excellent vintage Dearmond FHC pickup with attached volume control and original attached cable. The output is wonderful, with a very… Read more

1970 Kent guitar microphone nickle

This is a 1970s-era acoustic Kent guitar pickup assembly that drops into a flattop’s soundhole and provides good amplification with a vintage vibe…. Read more

~1965 Dearmond FHC nickle

Here is an excellent Dearmond FHC archtop pickup with its original volume control and detachable cable and attachment rod for mounting on an… Read more

~1985 Hi-A acoustic archtop pickup black

Here is a Hi-A archtop pickup that mounts at the end of an acoustic archtop’s fretboard to the fretboard extension. Similar to the… Read more

1970 Gibson Trini Lopez Custom, L-5 black/purple case

Original Gibson hard case from a 1970 Trini Lopez Custom guitar, also fits other 17″ archtop Gibsons such as L-5s, L-7s, Barney Kessels,… Read more