Our Inventory

1974 Gibson Howard Roberts Custom

This is a very fine Howard Roberts Custom in exceptionally fine condition, with great sound and playability. Replacement pickguard by Cris Mirabella, all… Read more

1972 Fender Telecaster

This Fender Telecaster is a very fine example of an early 1970s Tele in near-mint original condition with no issues. Maple fretboard and… Read more

1994 Fender Stratocaster

This is a 1994 Custom Shop 60s Strat in Olympic White in near-mint original condition with no issues. It has the slab rosewood… Read more

1950 Gibson ES-5

This is a superb ES-5 with great tone and feel, and a great amplified sound all around. From Anson Funderburg’s collection, this guitar… Read more

1967 Gibson ES-330TDC

This is a near-mint ES-330TDC with the original Gibson soft case that includes the case candy. Very clean, great-sounding P90 pickups, all original… Read more

1960 Fender Telecaster Custom

This is a rare 1960 Telecaster Custom with slab rosewood footboard, all original parts, and great-sounding pickups. From the Anson Funderburg collection, this… Read more

1962 Fender Stratocaster

This is an early 1962 Stratocaster in excellent original condition with slab rosewood fretboard, all original parts, and no issues. It plays easily… Read more

1966 Harmony Rocket H56

This is a very clean Harmony Rocket from 1966-68 with original DeArmond pickups that sounds so bluesy. Original reddish sunburst finish, excellent overall… Read more

2000 Chad Underwood 60s Stratocaster

This guitar is in near-mint condition (one ding on the top), and it has the phenomena sound and feel that Chad Underwood’s guitars… Read more

2000 Chad Underwood ’57 Stratocaster

This is a very fine Chad Underwood 1957 Stratocaster replica in sunburst finish with a soft V profile maple neck that is a… Read more

2000 Chad Underwood 50s Telecaster

This is a Chad Underwood 1957 Telecaster replica in excellent original condition with no issues. It has Ron Ellis pickups, all original parts,… Read more

2001 Guild D-55

This a very fine Guild D-55 made in Fender’s Corona plant between 2001-2005. Mint condition, no issues, with spruce top, rosewood body, 3-piece… Read more


This is the first NOMAC Majesty guitar produced; it is the one shown by John Petrucci at the 2017 NAMM show, and illustrated… Read more

1994 Monteleone Grand Artist

This is the first Grand Artist scroll guitar created by John Monteleone,and is the only 17″ version of this stunning design. Completed in… Read more

1952 Gibson Super 400

A fine acoustic noncutaway Super 400 from Gibson’s postwar golden era! Sunburst, excellent – original condition, beautiful woods and fine sound, original pickguard… Read more

1952 Gibson Super 400CES

This is one of the finest electric Super 400s I have ever seen. Beautiful golden sunburst finish, near-mint original condition with no issues,… Read more

1956 Gibson Super 400CESN

Here is a superb blonde Super 400CESN with alnico pickups in excellent + original condition. Exceptional sound and playability, with very early non-wire… Read more

1960 Gibson ES-355-T

This is a very special guitar. It is an original ES-355 with factory stop tailpiece and PAFs, with the Varitone removed and converted… Read more

1929 Stromberg G-1 Deluxe

This is an early G-1 Deluxe with nicely-engraved pearl block inlays, a deluxe headstock overlay, and an engraved trapeze tailpiece, all original. The… Read more

1962 Gibson ES-355TDSV

Purchased from the original owner in Austin, Texas in 1966, this is an original ES-355TDSV with PAFs, varitone and stereo wiring, and Gibson’s… Read more

“The Gibson Super 400” by Thomas Van Hoose

AVAILABLE directly from the author, the second softcover edition of the Super 400 book offers a wealth of information about Gibson’s finest archtop… Read more

1966 Gibson Super 400CES

Very nice Super 400CES with 1 PAF and 1 Pat. # pickup, originally set up with factory Bigsby (now in case), now set… Read more

1938 Stromberg G-1

From the Tsumura collection comes this very nice Stromberg G-1 non cutaway # 465 with McCarty single pickup to amplify its very fine… Read more

Gibson early L5CES Custom tailpiece

Early 1950s gold-plated L5CES Custom tailpiece, very similar to ES-295 tailpiece except has “L5″ plaque in center; stamped ” pat. pending” on end… Read more

John Southern “Talkin’ Guitars – Dr. Tom Van Hoose, Archtop Guitar Authority”

This is John Southern’s hour-long interview with Dr. Tom Van Hoose on the subject of archtop guitars, their history and development, the market… Read more

Gibson Super 400 postcards

This is a series of 4 postcards from my collection of Gibson Super 400 guitars as featured in my book “The Gibson Super… Read more

Anthony Wilson Seasons – Live at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Here is THE guitar CD/DVD package – “Seasons, a Song Cycle for Guitar Quartet”, composed and led by Anthony Wilson and featuring Steve… Read more

1996 Benedetto Il Palissandro

The Il Palissandro is the second of two 16″ archtops that Bob created in the 1990s while he was still an independent luthier,… Read more


AVAILABLE! Brand-new and filled with features! A superb amp with a big sound and loads of versatility.

Geib Prewar Super 400

This is a prewar Super 400 leather -covered Geib case in fair condition. All latches are intact, the interior lining is in good… Read more

1995 John Monteleone Radio Flyer

This is John’s second 17″ Radio Flyer, and his first Radio Flyer to be finished in his breathtaking Malibu Sunset sunburst. Mint condition,… Read more


New JazzAmp 310 with 10″ speaker, tweeter, and plenty of power for any application. Comes with factory warranty and padded gig bag. List… Read more


New Henriksen 312 amp with 12″ ER speaker, tweeter, and slip cover. New with warranty. Can handle bass and 7-string in addition to… Read more