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Van Hoose Vintage Instruments was founded in 1991 and is dedicated to bringing the finest guitars and amps to you in an open, friendly, and honest manner. We specialize in archtop and electric guitars and are proud to be the first Benedetto dealer in Texas. We also locate and offer exceptional vintage and collectable guitars and amps for the collector and musician who want the true vintage sound and feel.
Also, don't forget about the very special pricing on the last instruments from the Roots of Rock collection. There are some fabulous guitars and amps still available; the total is now down to 22 items including 16 guitars and 6 amps. Sales proceeds from these items benefit childhood cancer research.
We have joined a few other independent dealers in lowering prices on our vintage guitars, injecting some reality into the vintage market and offering some great buys to watchful guitar aficionados. Please check our vintage selection for some really special guitars at realistic prices! Contact us for questions, and feel free to make good-faith realistic offers!

BENEDETTO NEWS: Our stock of Benedetto Professional Series guitars has dwindled to one new Benny, but we have some really fine used instruments available now! check out our current Benedetto offerings!
HENRIKSEN NEWS: We are a Henrikson JazzAmp dealer! We have several of the JazzAmp amps in stock including the 110-R AND 112-R combos and the JazzAmp Head-R - see our site for more details. These are incredible amps for jazz and other applications, with a very innovative 5-band graphic EQ and reverb that allows you to tailor the amp to each individual guitar. Very versatile with plenty of headroom, light weight, rugged and dependable, with 2-year warranty and top quality components and construction. Our customers who have bought these amps have been very satisfied with them. Give them some real consideration.

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