1994 Monteleone Grand Artist

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  • Specifications:

    • Condition: Mint
    • Year: 1994
    • Case: OHSC
  • This is the first Grand Artist scroll guitar created by John Monteleone and is the only 17″ version of this stunning design. Completed in early 1994, Monteleone Grand Artist # 147 is a tour-de-force of modern luthiery. The scroll on the upper bout is hollow, adding a resonant chamber to the guitar’s body. The 17″ body size is complemented by the 25/4″ scale length and 1.75″ nut width, and is very well-balanced for playing. This instrument is in near-mint original condition with no issues, and is the first of only 5 Grand Artist guitars created by Monteleone. Comes complete with written provenance and its original custom hard case. Very rare, very beautiful and very exciting to play and hear!