Our Inventory

~2020 Gibson replica Johnny Smith gold

Here is a recent replica Gibson Johnny Smith pickup that mounts to the pickguard instead of at the fretboard’s end. Measured output is… Read more

2008 Talkin’ Guitars Tom Van Hoose interview

Here is John Souther’s 2008 DVD from his Talkin’ Guitar series, an interview with Tom Van Hoose in his home along with an… Read more

1970 Kent guitar microphone nickle

This is a 1970s-era acoustic Kent guitar pickup assembly that drops into a flattop’s soundhole and provides good amplification with a vintage vibe…. Read more

~1960 Dearmond FHC nickle

Here is an excellent vintage Dearmond FHC pickup with attached volume control and original attached cable. The output is wonderful, with a very… Read more

~1965 Dearmond FHC nickle

Here is an excellent Dearmond FHC archtop pickup with its original volume control and detachable cable and attachment rod for mounting on an… Read more

~1985 Hi-A acoustic archtop pickup black

Here is a Hi-A archtop pickup that mounts at the end of an acoustic archtop’s fretboard to the fretboard extension. Similar to the… Read more

2018 Martin OM Arts & Crafts natural

An exceptional Martin OM Arts & Crafts gutta from 2018, 1 of 100 created that year with superb tone woods and intricate, beautiful… Read more

~1950 Gibson ES-140 sunburst

Here is a very nice ES-140 from the earliest year of production in excellent original condition, with its original brown Lifton hard case…. Read more

1970 Gibson Trini Lopez Custom, L-5 black/purple case

Original Gibson hard case from a 1970 Trini Lopez Custom guitar, also fits other 17″ archtop Gibsons such as L-5s, L-7s, Barney Kessels,… Read more

~2000 Peavey solid body Black case

This is an original Peavey molded hard case for their sold-body guitars. Excellent original condition, no issues.

~1980 Grover Imperial tuners gold

An original set of gold Grover Imperial tuners with the round tuner buttons, most commonly seen on Gretsch guitars with gold parts. Unused… Read more

~1985 T. W. Doyle humbuckers black

This is a pair of Tom Doyle humbucking pickups complete with original wiring harnesses. Tom was Les Paul’s luthier and all-around go-to guy… Read more

~1959 Dearmond FHC archtop pickup nickle

Nice Dearmond FHC archtop pickup with volume pot; no volume knob, uses screw-on cable; rewards 8.68 ohms.

~1960 Dearmond Rhythm Chief archtop pickup nickle

Excellent Dearmond Rhythm Chief pickup with volume and tone control pod, no knobs; uses screw-on cable; reads 7.98 ohms.

~1959 Dearmond Mandolin pickup nickle

Very nice Dearmond mandolin pickup from 1959+ with original neck rod, volume pod , knob, and cable; reads 7.94 ohms.

~1965 Harptone Acoustic guitar pickup black

Nice vintage Harptone acoustic guitar pickup with wiring, volume pot, no knob; reads 2.09 ohms.

1996 Monteleone Eclipse Special violin red

Serial # 160 is a Monteleone Eclipse 17″ Special created by John in 1996 featuring a striking violin red finish and highly-figured curly… Read more

~1948 Vintage 3-on-a-plate tuners nickle

This is a matched set of left and right 3-on-a-plate tuners with original buttons and gears that work very well. No issues, will… Read more

~1975 Gibson Mini-humbucker chrome

This is an as-new and unused vintage Gibson patent-number mini-humbucker from the 1970s. Measures 6.08 ohms; for Firebird and Crest guitars etc. Very… Read more

~1985 Grover Imperial tuners gold

This is a very nice, ANIB set of gold Grover Imperial tuners complete with bushings, screws, and box. Never used; ready to install!

~1985 Grover Imperial tuners chrome

Here is a very nice, ANIB set of Grover Imperial chrome tuners complete with bushings and screws and box. Tight, easy to install!

Gibson Citation case Brown leather exterior/ brown plush interior

This is a very rare case for an original Gibson Citation. It is very similar to the prewar Gibson Super 400 cases made… Read more

1991 Gibson Super 400 First Edition

New, unsold First Edition of The Gibson Super 400 – Art of the Fine Guitar by Thomas Van Hoose, PhD. The is the… Read more

1991 Gibson The Super 400 first edition book dust jacket

New, unsold and unfolded dust jackets for the first edition of The Gibson Super 400 – Art of the fine Guitar book by… Read more

“The Gibson Super 400” by Thomas Van Hoose

AVAILABLE directly from the author, the second softcover edition of the Super 400 book offers a wealth of information about Gibson’s finest archtop… Read more