Our Inventory

Ace leather guitar strap

Here is a rare and very functional Ace guitar strap from the early 1960s with the headstock loop attached, for use with any… Read more

Amp handle combo

Here is a complete amp handle with brackets and screws for a 1970s era combo amp. Excellent condition.

DallasStrap guitar strap from McCord Music

From McCord Music Co. in Dallas, Texas comes this 1970s era DallasStrap guitar strap for your favorite 1970s era electric guitar! In great… Read more

Import tremolo bar

This is an early 1970s or so tremolo bar for an imported guitar, I think. Very nice condition.

Bobby Lee guitar strap

Here is a very nice Bobby Lee tan leather guitar strap from the late 1950s onward, perfect for that special vintage electric guitar!

Cadillac leather guitar strap

This is a mid-1950s Cadillac guitar strap in really good original condition, perfect for a vintage guitar from that era forward.

Lifton and Geib guitar case handles

Here are 3 vintage guitar case handles from the late 1930s or so. The center handle is for a Gibson Lifton hard case,… Read more

1951 Gibson L-5C Golden Sunburst

Serial # A 6623 is a very nice 1951 Gibson L-5C with a great acoustic voice. This guitar is in very good original… Read more

~1975 Grover Imperial tuners chrome

Here are 5 Grover chrome Imperial tuners, two left and 3 right, in excellent original condition with no issues. No bushings included, but… Read more

~1965 Archtop trapeze tailpiece Nickle

This is a mid-60s archtop trapeze tailpiece that is nickel-plated and is suitable for a variety of archtops, both domestic and international. High… Read more

~1948 Vintage 3-on-a-plate tuners nickle

This is a matched set of left and right 3-on-a-plate tuners with original buttons and gears that work very well. No issues, will… Read more

~1960 Epiphone Frequensator tailpiece gold/nickle

This is an original Epiphone Frequensator tailpiece for an Epiphone archtop such as a Deluxe or Emperor with a gold-plated end bracket and… Read more

2001 Treasures of the Hard Rock Cafe History

This is the First Edition of Treasures of the Hard Rock Cafe, the book that chronicles the Hard Rock’s international collection of instruments,… Read more

2005 Monteleone Radio Flyer Natural

Serial # 211 is a very special 18″ Radio Flyer with an oval sound hole and two side-sound holes in the upper bass… Read more

1996 Monteleone Eclipse Special Violin Red

Serial # 160 is a Monteleone Eclipse 17″ Special created by John in 1996 featuring a striking violin red finish and highly-figured curly… Read more

[1993] 1001 Banjos by Akira Tsumura

Here is the ultimate book on the banjo – Akira Tsumura’s landmark work on his banjo collection in hard cover with its original… Read more

Gibson Pre-war Super 400 Leather Covered/pink Plush Interior

This is a very rare leather-covered case for a prewar Gibson Super 400 guitar. These cases were issued with each Super 400 from… Read more

Gibson Citation Case Brown Leather Exterior/ Brown Plush Interior

This is a very rare case for an original Gibson Citation. It is very similar to the prewar Gibson Super 400 cases made… Read more

1991 Gibson Super 400 First Edition

New, unsold First Edition of The Gibson Super 400 – Art of the Fine Guitar by Thomas Van Hoose, PhD. The is the… Read more

1991 Gibson the Super 400 First Edition Book Dust Jacket

New, unsold and unfolded dust jackets for the first edition of The Gibson Super 400 – Art of the fine Guitar book by… Read more

1966 Martin Soprano

This is a lovely 1966 Martin soprano ukulele in near-mint original condition with no issues. It has a loud, bright and sparkly voice… Read more

“The Gibson Super 400” by Thomas Van Hoose

AVAILABLE directly from the author, the second softcover edition of “The Gibson Super 400” book offers a wealth of information about Gibson’s finest… Read more

John Southern “Talkin’ Guitars – Dr. Tom Van Hoose, Archtop Guitar Authority”

This is John Southern’s hour-long interview with Dr. Tom Van Hoose on the subject of archtop guitars, their history and development, the market… Read more

Gibson Super 400 Postcards

This is a series of four postcards from my collection of Gibson Super 400 guitars as featured in my book “The Gibson Super… Read more

Anthony Wilson Seasons – Live at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Here is THE guitar CD/DVD package – “Seasons, a Song Cycle for Guitar Quartet,” composed and led by Anthony Wilson and featuring Steve… Read more