Fender Pro

Very nice and soulful 1962 Pro with original speaker and transformers. Newer tubes, added tilt-back legs, has original handle and footswitch. Big sound,… Read more

Benedetto Manhattan

Before Fender and Savannah, Bob was creating all of his instruments alone in his Stroudsburg, PA studio. This superior instrument was hand-crafted there,… Read more

Benedetto Manhattan 7-string

This superb 7-string Manhattan was hand-crafted by Bob alone in his Stroudsburg, PA studio before his association with Fender and Savannah. It is… Read more

Benedetto Il Palissandro

The Il Palissandro is the second of two 16″ archtops that Bob created in the 1990s while he was still an independent luthier,… Read more

Stromberg G-1

From the Tsumura collection comes this very nice Stromberg G-1 non cutaway # 465 with McCarty single pickup to amplify its very fine… Read more