• "The Gibson Super 400" by Thomas Van Hoose $25.00

    Guitar AVAILABLE directly from the author, the second softcover edition of the Super 400 book offers a wealth of information about Gibson's finest archtop guitar, plus the bonus of a minibook on the Gibson L5 and a chapter on competitors such as D'Angelico, Stromberg, D'Aquisto, Epiphone, and Benedetto. The softcover 2nd edition is $ 25.00 plus shipping. These can be personally autographed to the buyer or as a gift to a special friend as designated by the buyer. Come to the source for the finest archtop guitar book in print.
  • 2011 Anthony Wilson Seasons - Live at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Brand New, $20.00

    Guitar JUST RELEASED!!! Here is THE guitarCD/DVD package of 2011 - "Seasons, a Song Cycle for Guitar Quartet", composed and led by Anthony Wilson and featuring Steve Cardenas, Chico Pinheiro, and Julian Lage. Recorded live at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on April 10, 2011 during the exhibiiton "Guitar Heroes - from Italy to New York," and played exclusively on John Monteleone's 4 Seasons guitars. The DVD gives the complete Seasons song cycle performance along with interviews and historical information about John Monteleone, Anthony Wilson, and the 4 stunning Seasons guitars. The CD contains the Seasons song cycle performance and also includes solo performances by Anthony, Steve, Chico, and Julian, plus the closing number played together of Joni Mitchell's "the Circle Game." These guitarists, their music and their instruments create a compelling and engrossing tapestry of written and improvised music on acoustic archtops that almost defies description. Commissioned by John Monteleone, the music score for Seasons is rich and varied and very reminiscent of each changing season, just as John intended when he made the 4 Seasons guitars. The ultimate convergence of art, music, and creativity in one very nice package. Guitar music lovers, this it it!!! PERSONALLY SIGNED BY ANTHONY WILSON!!!
  • 1996 Benedetto Il Palissandro natural/rosewood, Mint, Original Hard, $31,000.00

    Guitar Il Palissandro is the second of two 16" archtops that Bob created in the 1990s while he was still an independent luthier, before Fender and Savannah. Bob put his heart and soul into this guitar. The soundhole itself is a thing of beauty, consisting of a cluster of openings that resemble small leaves. They help impart an acoustic voice that is balanced, refined, and pure! The top is hand-carved from select aged carved European spruce and is X-braced. The hand-carved back and the rims are made of select old-growth Indian rosewood, and the carved and bookmatched back is a thing of beauty and vibrancy. Bob created this exceptional instrument during 1995-1996, and it is in mint condition. It comes with complete and extensive provenance including copies of articles written about this guitar in various guitar publications. This is, in my opinion, one of the most sublime instruments Bob has ever created, and it cannot be duplicated today. This is truly one of the very best acoustic archtops available in the world today.
  • 1939 Geib Prewar Super 400 leather-covered case, Fair, $500.00

    Guitar HOLIDAY MADNESS SALE!!! This is a prewar Super 400 leather -covered Geib case in fair condition. All latches are intact, the interior lining is in good shape, but the leather and case exterior need restoration. Very rare case, pairs well with 1937-1941 Super 400 guitars. CALL OR CONTACT ME FOR PRICE!!!
  • 1952 Gibson early L5CES Custom tailpiece gold, Excellent, $700.00

    Guitar Early 1950s gold-plated L5CES Custom tailpiece, very similar to ES-295 tailpiece except has "L5" plaque in center; stamped " pat. pending" on end piece; very rare and perfect for an early-50s L5CES with P90s or Alnico pickups!
  • 1959 Gibson EB-2 golden sunburst, Excellent, Original Hard, $7,500.00

    Guitar This is a very nice 1959 EB-2 that is all original and has Led Zeppelin association. It has some minor finish wear and checking, but overall it is in excellent original condition. It plays easily and sounds great - very solid and expressive. Call for more details. Also has the original brown Lifton case with its Led Zeppelin pass attached. Very cool bass!
  • 2010 Gibson Les Paul Standard LP 59Q Reissue sunburst, Near Mint, Original Hard, $3,975.00

    Guitar This 59 LP Standard is a Custom Shop gem. Made in 2010, it has a true rosewood fretboard and is in near-mint original condition with a very nicely-quilted curly maple top. Comes with its black Custom Shop OHC and all case candy including the Custom Shop certificate. Weighs about 9.0 lb. and sounds excellent. No issues, just a very fine 'Burst reissue at a reasonable price!!!
  • 1986 Gibson Super 400 postcards Brand New, Please Change, $15.00

    Guitar This is a series of 4 postcards I had made from my collection of Gibson Super 400 guitars which were later featured in my book "The Gibson Super 400 - Art of the Fine Guitar." These postcards include a 1935 Super 400, a 1941 Super 400 Premiere, a 1952 Super 400CESN with P90 pickups, and a 1958 Super 400CES with Alnico pickups. There is a brief description of each guitar on the addressee/message side of each postcard. Fun to send to family and guitar friends all over the world! Priced at $15.00 for a set of 4 plus postage. A unique item of guitar history.
  • 1966 Gibson Super 400CES Special sunburst, Excellent, Original Hard, $12,500.00

    Guitar This is a very nice 1966 Florentine cutaway Super 400CES Special # 407737 with factory Bigsby and interesting provenance. It belonged to Wayne Carson, composer of "The Letter" and other hit tunes in Nashville. All original with patent-# pickups, ABR-1 bridge, tags, and original Lifton hard case. Some fret wear from lower to middle register, otherwise fine; set up to play very well. Also come with correct period Super 400 tailpiece as well.
  • 2016 HENRIKSEN Bud black, Brand New, GigBag, $1,098.00

    Guitar Sold!!! Another on order! Brand-new and filled with features! A superb amp with a big sound and loads of versatility.
  • 2014 HENRIKSEN JazzAmp head and 12-ER cabinet Brand New, Soft, $1,150.00

    Guitar AVAILABLE! BRAND NEW HENRIKSEN JAZZAMP 2 channel head plus 12-ER cab with 12" extended range speaker and tweeter. Both come with warranty, gig bag, and soft slipcover. Outstanding and very versatile in every respect. Really opens up the 12-ER cab, and the two channels allow two completely separate instrument sot be used at the sam time. All new with warranty, made in Colorado, the best in class!
  • 1995 John Monteleone Radio Flyer Malibu sunset sunburst, Mint, Original Hard, Call For Price!

    Guitar This is John's second 17" Radio Flyer, and his first Radio Flyer to be finished in his breathtaking Malibu Sunset sunburst. Mint condition, no issues, and the most beautiful sound you can imagine - and then some! Call me for an in-hand description, and be sure to see Woody Mann playing this very guitar on YouTube! Woody and the Flyer are amazing. Simply the finest!!! CALL OR CONTACT ME!!!
  • 2007 John Southern "Talkin' Guitars - Dr. Tom Van Hoose, Archtop Guitar Authority" Brand New, $20.00

    Guitar AVAILABLE!!! IN STOCK NOW!!! This is John Southern's hour-long interview with Dr. Tom Van Hoose on the subject of archtop guitars, their history and development, the market for these fine instruments, and much more. This video was done in Tom's home and features many guitars from his personal collection. Sound /playing samples are included that illustrate the various types of archtops and how they sound in a musical context. Essential viewing for archtop lovers and anyone who is interested in the presentation of fine guitars and their history.
  • 1981 Martin D-28S Near Mint, Original Hard, $3,975.00

    Guitar A very fine D-28S with exceptional tone woods and a terrific voice. This guitar has internally-scalloped top braces and a single interior pickup installed. It plays with ease and has plenty of volume and subtlety as needed. Comes with its OHC which is also in fine shape. A near-mint Martin that is ideal for a number of acoustic applications. Can't be beat!!
  • 2007 Martin OM30DB Pat Donohue Near Mint, Original Hard, $3,975.00

    Guitar This is # 6 of the limited edition of the Pat Donohue OM30 Deep Body guitar, in near-mint original condition with no issues and some of the most exquisite inlays and binding available on modern Martin instruments. Beautiful tone woods throughout, and the ebony pyramid bridge really sets off this guitar. And then there is the sound - tone and volume that are very warm and satisfying and a fine voice. It also has an L. R. Baggs internal two-pickup system installed that offers unmatched acoustic amplifying possibilities. Comes with its OHC and a very special feel and vibe - a terrific guitar.